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Founded in 2012, the Rwanda Hope Foundation (RHF) supports the next generation of Rwandan entrepreneurs so that they may reach their potential.  We are highly focussed on sustainable projects and ventures which provide a meaningful social impact. 


RHF believes that business growth and job creation are the key route out of poverty for many Rwandans. The Rwandan Government, in partnership with the private and third sectors, have made huge progress in recent years in both reducing poverty and encouraging enterprise.

In the context of this momentum, RHF will work to support capacity programmes for local entrepreneurs, to support the expansion and improvement of enterprise education programmes in schools and colleges and to provide direct finance for local and social entrepreneurs.

The Foundation works with active guidance from the Rwandan Development Board and locally based experts to help grow both existing social impact projects and innovative ideas from within Rwanda.

Small and medium enterprises comprise approximately 98% of the total businesses in Rwanda and account for 41% of all private sector employment. They have the local market knowledge and experience to drive economic and social change.

RHF strongly believes that investments in Rwanda can produce meaningful social and financial returns. Rwanda’s routinely high growth rates, averaging 15% p.a. over the last decade, make it an exciting market for both commercial and social investors.

RHF’s programmes will be designed to align closely to the government’s VISION 2020 growth plans.



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