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Access to capital is a key factor in enterprise development. Rwanda has one of the most conducive business environments of any African country – particularly for foreign direct investment. The Rwanda Hope Foundation will provide, on commercial terms, risk capital to businesses in the form of debt, equity and quasi-equity investments. All returns made on these investments will be recycled into the foundation and used toward expanding the pool available to future projects.

Social purpose businesses and social enterprises will be supported alongside commercial entities.

Promoting Enterprise

Creating a culture that celebrates enterprise and integrates enterprise education into mainstream and non-mainstream educational curricula is essential for any country that seeks a thriving SME marketplace.

Rwanda already has a strong enterprise culture and RHF sees its role as supporting those projects that have been successful in contributing to an enterprise culture and in funding innovations that can complement existing programmes at both school and community levels.

Capacity Building

As Rwanda’s economy develops so do the need for training and capacity building of entrepreneurs and leadership teams. The Rwanda Hope Foundation will fund locally requested training and capacity building programmes to support organisational growth.

Where appropriate, international experts may be recruited to provide specialist trainings or consultancy to Rwandan entrepreneurs.

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